The time has come and gone....

And we've already been married a year!!!! It is has surely been the most amazing year of my life... I have my perfect mate to enjoy all of life's wonderful adventures with.. A lot of people say their first year is the hardest and, well ours wasn't... It was a walk in the park.. We had a blast and look forward to keeping it that way, FOREVER...

Tav is amazing, and I am one lucky lady.. He spoils me way too much with gifts and lots of love... And I hope he never stops making kissy noises when he gets off the phone with me.... I love you Tavvy Doo! Thanks for all of your love and the happiness you bring to the world.... Happy Anniversaryyyyyyyyyy!




My mom's sweet little dog got hit by a car today.. She was everyone's best friend...
My whole family is devastated.. We burried her in the yard and I got to hold her one last time.. She was such a pretty sweet little dog. I will miss seeing her everyday, and going on walks, and rubbing her belly, and playing with her puppies, and everything.. Love you ferg.

My dog, Bubba, is so sad and confused.. he goes all around my parents house looking for her.. (She was his madre.) I feel so bad for him, he just seems lonely because he usually sees her everyday she's the first thing he looks for when we come over. It is seriously like loosing a little part of your family.. We surely miss her. I hope we can find another little one to help fill the gap for everyone.. Once you have a dog it's hard to go without... No more pitter patter down the halls of your house and an excited hello when you walk in the door....

I have to tell a little story... My twin, Ali, lives up in Ogden and she was visiting her husband at work when Scotie called to tell her that Fergie died... Scotie was crying pretty hysterically so Ali thought it was Katie telling her that Scotie died. (Scotie & Katie are my little sisters) So Ali dropped to the floor in the mall and was basically screaming and crying... People were all gathering around her asking if they could help... She called me and asked frantically while crying, "What Happened?!?!?!?!?!" So for about 10 minutes Ali thought Scotie had died for real. It was real to her and was horrible... When Scotie called us I thought someone had died too so when it was fergie I was relieved.. But when I got to the house and saw her that was when it was sad... her lifeless limp body.. ahhh.. It is just horrible...

But we all learned and realized that this is really how fragile life is.. Someone in my family could have died just like that. And we need to love everyone we love in our life without hesitation without holding anything back.. Spend as much time as possible with those you love and show them your love. Love is an action, not something you just say.
I love, love. I love life. and I am thankful for all the love I have in my life.


got it.

so i figured out what state it is.. it's the Evergreen State. duh. and it is beautiful. And thanks deek!



so i'm in seattle at the moment... what city is that?? (chicago=windy city.. etc..) but anyhow.. it's a pretty rad place.. kinda reminds me of NZ... it's a weird vibe.. but i'm missing my lover girl. Just had a sec.. and thought i'd drop a line... nothing too exciting... just working. i'll try and do better at updating this whole blog thing.. kinda dropped off in the last couple months.. not like we are really letting anyone down by not updating it..but we will try better..

even more A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!



hi there.

i just want to tell my lovely may may... happy day today.. cause today is the day that i asked you to marry me a year ago, and luckily for me you said yes.. because ever since that day my life has only gotten better... you make me feel so good everyday... you are a happy, giving, loving person that makes me want to be better... and i should probably save the rest for when it actually is our anniversary.... but amie... I LOVE YOU..
here's winking at you.


Next week we will be doing this...

in California
Tav's family has been going to Carlsbad State Beach and camping since he was 7. It is one of my favorite trips I've ever been on! It is also where we got engaged last year.. It was the most surreal feeling. I remember the morning after he popped the question we went running and I just kept looking down at the ring like "I am engaged! Holy crapola!" It was amazing.. Ever since I met Tav, my life has just become more and more amazing everyday.. I love you Mr. Calico. You are my sunshine!


We have been quite a bit out of the loop lately.. But I just wanted to let you know WE ARE ALIVE!!! And life is beautiful... We have good lives and i am so happy for that..... It was a good weekend, nothing out of the ordinary, just spending time with the ones you love always makes for a good weekend! Oh, Ali and Kavin were here.. That's out of the ordinary!! :) 

Here is what we've been up to lately.....
walking up web hill

Meeting for lunch/playing with babies! 
finding dogs secret hideouts.
running. (i am supposed to be "training" for the marathon)
i have been doing lots and lots of eyelashes.
tav is continually making the world a better place just by being in it... 
i love him and i love my life.


There is a new book/card coming out. It is called "On the House." It's like the Dixie Direct Book but you buy the book for $50.00 and everything in the book is a completely free offer. 

Well I am going to be in the book. For a free full set of eyelash extensions. Which regularly cost 100-200 dollars. So if you are interested in getting lash extensions and a bunch of other offers, let me know and I will set you up with one of the books. 

Scotie my lovely sister graces her face on this amazing ad that Mr. Calico did for me. 

Thank you for your time! 

Ciao Bella!


i am still alive. thanks.



If you like to take care of your skin, or like to help others take care of their skin, you should check out a new skin care line from the makers of ProActiv. It is called Rodan&Fields... Not only is it a company with 6 different lines targeting their own specific problems, it is also a way to make money. You can become an independent consultant and they offer great compensation plans. 

My lovely sister Ali is a consultant and I haven't been able to try the product yet but I am definitely excited to! Ali told me her skin already feels & looks better... So click here to get in contact with Ali. 

I will update the information that involves this as I get more. 



Oh Happy Day!!

It is a beautiful day and I am loving it!

I feel grrrrreat!

life lately.

I love taking pictures, but lately I just haven't.. Maybe because I lost our camera. Good job Aims.. I know.. I'm an idiot. At least Tav makes sweet posts. :) Life is good. The weather is sunshining and I couldn't ask for anything else. Maybe just one little bikini body to swap for mine?? That isn't too much is it? But I was looking at our blog, it does look quite cool (thanks to tav) but we aren't talking about our own lives... 

Tav is excited about working for Company Wake, and I am way stoked for him too. We can actually like work out together in the mornings, it is going to be sick! And I am working on having my own eyelash studio.. And maybe going back to school.. :) Both would be great. I do lash extensions here at work and lately I have been doing a bit at my house. I bought a massage table @ Costco and viola.. an at home eyelash parlor.. haha.... 

This weekend was so great we got to enjoy conference and enjoy this weather. We are in the process of making our house look awesome so we did a bit on the bathroom this weekend and our house just keeps getting better and better... umm, I mean home. I love our little home. And I love Tav.. He is the coolest husband I have EVER had!

Ali & Kavin got married about a month ago and it was amazing! She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen! They are living in Ogden with their little family of 3... Ali, Kavin, and Kya Lindgren. Kya is an 8ish week old yorkie. And is so adorable. I want another puppy! I love you Al and Kav! Congratualtions!!!

But for now, our own little family of 3 is more than I could ask for and I am so grateful!.. 

want this bedroom/bathroom.

Stop Being a B a b y


Im riding with Company Now!

That's Right... your lookin at the new A.D. of Company Wake/ Remote Wakeskates. woohooooo!



I love you. 
My life is heaven
Because you are in it. 
If you were sad and I was mad, 
I hope we can stop.
Because being happy with you is too much fun to waste time being sad/mad.
I think I might be the lucky one. 
So I'm sorry for you, but not for me. 
I am lucky. 
And you don't even know it. 
keep it that way.
Because if you ran away from me
I might pee
in my pants. 
And continue to do so until I die
So please,please stay forever.
for all you do....
snuggling me every morning. 
showing me you care.
by playing with my hair.
kissing me sweetly.
feeding me. 
buying me goodies. 
being my dashing husband.
making me feel like a dashing wife.
Life is complete. 
But it has just begun. 
I can't wait for everything.
Hope it's the best birfday evers!



Here's a graphic I did for Remote Wakeskates yesterday.. we are going to incorporate it into a board graphic... I'm pretty stoked to be apart of it..check em out here.


Sad Days

Have Happy Solutions...



So we just got done doing a photoshoot with the beautiful mistress Ali-O. She is quite stunning. here's a little peaky. steve holm behind the camera, of course.